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Ready to get rid of that Castanza wallet? Introducing slim wood wallets.

Posted by Matthew Coughlin on

We've been searching for partners, other companies offering bamboo or sustainable wood products that we could offer to our customers, and we've found a great one. We've partnered with RC Fibers and now we're offering the front-pocket FiberZ wood wallet through our site!

Why would you want a front pocket wallet?

The Castanza Wallet

First of all, traditional bulky back-pocket wallets are terrible for your back, and what do you really have in there? Business cards, receipts, and a bunch of useless junk! You might as well carry a purse...they look terrible and they're unhealthy.

The trend for the last few years has been toward slim, minimalist wallets. You carry them in your front pocket, they handle your credit cards and cast, and all the receipts and "buy 10 get 1 free" sandwich cards can be left at home. In addition, they're a hell of a lot cooler than the bulky Castanza wallet you used to carry.

Introducing the FiberZ

The FiberZ is a slim, front pocket wallet with enough space to handle up to 5 credit cards, plus your cash. It's machined from hard wood with a slim rubber belt to keep your goods together.

The main benefit? It looks f***ing awesome. Check out this video below:


Now available for $19.99 here at Timber Bamboo.

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