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About Us

Bamboo (Bambuseae): a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family Poaceae, subfamilyBambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae.

Bamboo Forest

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has been on a mission to take as much as possible from nature for the sake of economic growth and better stuff. Sometimes we've gone too far...clearing out entire forests for wood, producing chemical materials with harmful bi-products, and generally messing up our planet.

In the last few years, a tipping point has been reached...people have begun to realize that it's possible to grow and thrive without ruining the planet. With this realization, a new breed of consumer has arisen...the educated, aware modern citizen that cares about the source of their products and the materials in them.

These new consumers have realized that bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable many cases a better option than wood or plastic. It grows AMAZINGLY fast and can be replaced easily. For that reason, it has become a growing staple of great products around the world.

WE BELIEVE that this growing trend toward using bamboo is great! We'd much rather contribute to growing sustainable industries that are in harmony with the environment. For that reason, we have combined our design talents and our interest in sustainable materials to launch Timber Bamboo.

Matt Coughlin





 Who Are We?

Timber Bamboo's founder is Matt Coughlin, an engineer from California with an interest in product design and using unique materials to create great products. He is the head designer and develops the new product designs.

The Timber Bamboo team also includes Oken, the Chinese company that sources our bamboo and helped us create the production processes that we use. Oken takes Matt's designs and makes them reality.

Where Are We Located?

Timber is located in San Diego, California, home to a growing sustainability movement and a great culture for growing innovative companies.